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After the Interview
Call your Sanford Rose Associates consultant immediately after your interview to discuss what happened. We can play a very important role at this stage by resolving any remaining issues or questions between you and the company, by assisting in salary negotiations and by facilitating your transition to the new job. We are a valuable "buffer" between the company and you. This is an important step and one that will give you an opportunity to explore any questions or concerns you might have. The executive recruiter will discuss with you the next step in the process.

Immediately following the interview (within 24 hours), take a few minutes to handwrite a note on decent stationery to each of the people whom you met and who are the "key" hosts. Thank them for their time, courtesy and hospitality. Indicate your interest in the position and in receiving an offer. If, on reflection, you recall any additional experience that might be pertinent to the job, point it out.

Dealing With Counter Offers
What is a counter offer?
A counter offer is an inducement from your current employer to get you to stay after you have announced your intention to take a job with another company. Inducements for you to stay might include a raise, a promotion, better working conditions or other promises. These promises are rarely put in writing, and frequently they are not kept.

Should you ever accept a counter offer?
Generally, the answer is "No."

First of all, well-managed companies don't make counter offers. Their policies and salary structures are fair and equitable, and they will not subject themselves to counter offer pressures.

Secondly, do you really want to stay with a company where you must threaten to quit in order to obtain more money or a better position?

Thirdly, where is the money coming from for the counter offer? Is it the raise you won't get in the future? Or the one you should have received upon your last salary review?

Finally, do you really wish to better yourself, or are you engaging in a form of blackmail? WHAT IF YOU DO ACCEPT?

If you accept the counter offer, chances are the same circumstances that caused you to consider changing positions will arise again in the future. In fact, our experience has been that nearly 90% of the people who accept counter offers wind up leaving voluntarily or involuntarily within six months.

Acceptance of a counter offer may mean career suicide. Your employer now knows that you are unhappy, and your loyalty will always be in question.

Consider the relationship you enjoy with your co-workers. When word gets out that you have accepted a counter offer, your relationship could be adversely affected.

Consider what might motivate your employer to make a counter offer. Most are buying time to find a suitable replacement --and, they will later replace you at thier convenience?

As said earlier, well-managed companies do not make counter offers. In the end, it is a decision you must make for yourself, in light of your specific situation.



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