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Summary of The SRA Recruiting Process

  • Create a Dimensional Search Summary©
    • Proprietary process provides clear profile of the ideal candidate
    • Gain understanding of company's goals, strategy and culture
    • Interview the client regarding their requirements and vision
    • Gain approval by the client on search criteria
  • Plan and execute the recruitment strategy locating the best candidates
    • Search our own extensive database of candidates
    • Contact people in the targeted work disciplines and industries requesting referrals
    • Network, Network, Network, Network, Network, Network, and Network
    • Interview and qualify potential candidates, maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism, recruiting the best candidates on behalf of the client
    • Gain the permission of the recruited candidates to introduce their candidacy to the clients
    • Present the best candidates to the client
  • Expedite the Interview/Offer process
    • Arrange phone conversations by appointment, preparing both the client and the candidates
    • Speak to professional references, verify academic degrees and professional licenses
    • Arrange personal interviews - again preparing and consulting to maximize the opportunity
    • Debrief both candidates and clients - resolving issues and clarifying where necessary
    • Assist in the offer creation, presentation, negotiation and acceptance
    • Counsel regarding resignation and counter offers
    • Offer relocation information and resources
    • Keep both the client and candidate moving forward to the Start Date

Our Participative Recruiting Process Requires from our clients:

  • Communication and feedback
    • Candor
    • Cooperation
    • Access to candidate decision makers
    • Timely responses
  • Organizational Urgency
    • Mutual understanding of the need and commitment to fill the position
    • Ability to act quickly and appropriately


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